Tallow + Honey Facial Cleanser
Tallow + Honey Facial Cleanser
Tallow + Honey Facial Cleanser
Tallow + Honey Facial Cleanser

Tallow + Honey Facial Cleanser

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Nurture your skin

From makeup, to dirt, and built up oils, our face holds a lot over the course of a day (and sees a lot too!) Your face deserves a thorough, yet gentle cleansing at the end of a long day.  Most “face wash” strips the essential oils from our skin, which is where majority of skin issues start- from breakouts, dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, etc.

After struggling with these issues ourselves for years, we needed a simple solution to thoroughly cleanse our face without stripping its natural oils. That’s when we created our Tallow + Honey Facial Cleanser. It’s so simple, yet stands out among the rest. We combine unfiltered raw honey with our 100% grassfed tallow to give your face the perfect balance! The raw honey is deeply cleansing and exfoliating by removing dirt + debris while the tallow is moisturizing, supporting instead of stripping your natural oils, and repairing your delicate skin. Finished with a hint of grapefruit and rosemary essential oils, both you and your skin will feel renewed after cleansing!

* While the positive results continuously show through our customers and ourselves, we urge any new user to do their own research into oil cleansing. While this form of cleansing truly has amazing benefits we just want new users to understand how this product works and that it’s not like your typical “face wash”. We wouldn’t want anyone to ever purchase a product with different expectations! Being one of our best sellers, we hope you give our Tallow + Honey Facial Cleanser a try and hope you will love it just as much as we do! Please keep in mind if you are allergic to bees, pollen or honey, you should avoid this product as it contains raw honey. 


• grass fed + finished beef tallow 

(rich in vitamins A,K, E,D, B12, linoleic acid, niacin, antioxidants, fatty acids, works with sebum + balances skin’s natural oils, repairs free radical damage, regenerates skin + aids in collagen production, reduces fine lines + wrinkles, ultra moisturizing without clogging pores)

•Unfiltered Raw Honey

(anti-bacterial properties deeply cleanse skin, naturally exfoliates + brightens skin tone, anti-inflammatory properties soothe irritated skin, acne, eczema + rosacea, rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, promotes and builds collagen )

•Grapefruit Essential Oil

(Helps to balance oily complexions, contains detoxifying properties and helps maintain healthy circulation which smooth and tone skin) 

•Rosemary Essential Oil

(Antibacterial properties combats acne, astringent properties tightens and tones skin, antioxidant properties fights and repairs free radical damage, fine lines, and wrinkles, diuretic properties improves under eye bags, anti-inflammatory properties reduces redness)

1% total dilution rate


Dampen face with warm water. Gently massage nickel-quarter sized amount onto face + neck. *use a hot, wet towel* to remove makeup, dirt + cleanser residue. For best results use morning + evening and follow with a toner and our tallow facial moisturizer. For external use only. Store at room temperature. Use within 6 months. 

Disclaimer: these statements have not been reviewed or approved by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your doctor before using a new product or supplement if you have any questions or concerns about how a product may affect your current health, medications, pregnancy, or breastfeeding. Sage Lane Apothecary is not a medical professional and it is up to the customer to research contraindications and make their own informed decision before using a new herbal product.