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Hello sweet friends! If you follow me on Instagram & Facebook, you probably know that my most recent project has been creating a pantry. I don't have a spacious kitchen and I'm very limited with my storage space. I've been really needing more kitchen storage and since we added our coat wall in our living room (which you can view on my old blog), we had no need for this coat closet anymore. Instead of it continuing to wasting space, I thought it would be the perfect pantry for our home! 



As you can see in the above pictures, this closet needed a SERIOUS update. It was so old and disgusting. The shelving was even falling apart. So we completely ripped out everything & cleaned it up (as best it could get). You pretty much couldn't even tell we did anything even after tearing everything out and wiping down everything. 



Originally I was just planning on making this an easy project. I was going to just give the walls a fresh coat of white paint, add some wire shelving & new doors and be done. Nope. Nothing is ever easy in Lauren's projects. Since the walls were in such bad shape (including a gigantic square cutout for some anonymous reason Cody & I still can't figure out), you can probably guess what I decided to do? 




(Don't mind Cody acting like a Dinosaur trying to ruin my pictures... okay it was pretty funny at the time) 

Keep scrolling for the good pictures.




We shiplapped the entire closet & gave it 3 coats of Behr's 'Ultra Pure White' in satin. This is just their basic white which you can grab off the shelf without having any added colors mixed in. The gallon ran me $27.00 & the boards for the shiplap were $25.00, leaving us at $52.00 into the project so far. Not too bad I'd say! If you'd like to see my easy & affordable shiplap tutorial you can also view that over on the old blog here




Since the shiplap was completed, next up was time for the shelving. Okay guys, let me just say I was SOOOOO HAPPY about this part! We were at Home Depot getting the shiplap materials and we started looking at the different lengths of wood for the shelving. We decided on the 2"x 8"x 10' pieces of pine which were $14 a piece. I almost got them while we were there (which I originally thought I wanted 5 shelves) but thank God I waited! I came home and decided to do some digging through our wood stash. I ended up finding 4 of these beauties that Cody just brought home a few weeks prior (which I didn't know of). They were the perfect size and I thought the grain was just beautiful! They had a lot of nails that needed to be removed, but the holes just add to the rustic charm I think. So we cleaned them up, trimmed them to our length (59") & I stained them with Minwax Early American.   


Cody thought he could get away with hiding these from me.... hahaha. Good try babe.



While I was over in the other garage working on the shelves, Cody was painting the brackets for me. I've already gotten a few questions on the hardware I used for this project. SUPER EASY. They aren't any type of fancy mounting brackets. We just picked up regular silver "corner braces". Since our shelves are 8" wide, we got the largest brackets they had which are 5". I would've preferred to have them larger to help support more weight, but the 5" brackets work. We got 3 for each shelf & Cody spray painted them black along with the face of the screws we used (seen below)



The braces ran $2.77 ea. and the screws were $4.76. Between all of the hardware, we spent around $40.00. If you don't mind breaking out the spray paint, then this is definitely the most cost effective way to go if you compare these same braces to "mounting brackets" in the shelving section which were $7.00 a piece. Yikes!



We measured where we wanted all of the brackets, (trying) to screw them into the studs. The stud finder we have doesn't read accurately through the shiplap layer so we kind of winged it. Let's hope for the best! 




Once we had off the brackets in place, we screwed the shelves to the brackets. 

After messing around with the heights of the shelves and actually seeing them in the closet, they were much thicker than I pictured. So I decided to only hang 3 shelves for now. I want this space used as storage but at the same time I want it to stay simple and not too cluttered. I felt that if I only hang 3 shelves for now it will keep me from cluttering the closet too much. If I ever decide in the future that I need another shelf or two, I already have the extra hardware and shelves ready to go!



And that's it my friends! 





We're still planning on adding some sort of doors, whether it bee a barn door or french doors. But for right now this project is completed! This year I was really feeling the need to get more organized and I think this helped me out alot. I hope some of you can take away some useful info and/or inspo from this project! 


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Thanks for stopping by & reading friends! I hope you enjoyed this transformation just as much as I did! Please feel free to leave and questions or comments below! 


Thanks for swinging by Farmhouse Flare Co. today!










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