Easy Homemade Potpourri


Hey there friends! If you saw my Instagram story this week, you saw that I threw together this yummy potpourri with my left over rosemary from dinner. Now this isn’t something new to me. I’ve done this several times before. Rosemary & Thyme are my two favorite smelling herbs so why throw the rest in the trash when you’re done cooking when you can keep smelling them for days? Yes I mean for days your house can smell so fresh with a homemade potpourri. 


If you’ve never made your own potpourri before, it’s so easy! You can literally and whatever you want to compliment what smells you prefer. This one I just threw together real quick and it turned out to be my favorite so far! Use this recipe as a nice fall/winter scent. All you need is,

-a few rosemary stems

-vanilla extract (either imitation or natural)

-ground cloves


That’s it. So easy right?



We use Hello Fresh for our weekly dinners. A lot of times they send fresh herbs as ingredients. All that was needed for this recipe was 2 tsp. so I had a lot of left over Rosemary. Perfect for whipping together a potpourri! If you have your own fresh grown herbs that’s great! You can make this anytime then!

First get out a small pot. You don’t need it to be big at all. Throw in the stems of fresh rosemary, fill your pot with water (leave enough room for the water to simmer), sprinkle in some ground cloves, and add some vanilla extract. This is all a personal preference so there’s no measuring and there’s no right or wrong way however you do it! I love the smell of clove so I wanted to make sure the cloves stood out. But also if you add too much clove, they can overpower the rosemary. I added maybe 1 tsp of clove and 1-2 tsp. of vanilla extract. 



Put your potpourri on the stove and bring it to a nice simmer. Let it simmer all day if you’d like! It might take about 30-60 minutes for the smell to start traveling through your house. Just make sure you stay on top of refilling the water! The water will evaporate and if you don’t refill your pot in time everything will burn and it will be no good anymore. This is also a fire hazard so just be aware and remember that you have your stove turned on! (It’s easy to forget because I did it once. So now I set a timer on my oven to remind me to go check it periodically). 



You can also keep your pot filled with water and reuse your potpourri for days until the smell starts to disappear. This is so easy and is a great cost effective way to make your home smell so yummy and fresh! 

The fragrance of this potpourri is a nice fall/winter scent. The rosemary gives off a fragrance similar to pine as the cloves spice it up and the vanilla sweetens it and adds warmth. 

If you try this recipe and enjoy it, please let me know in the comment section below!

Thanks for reading! 



Lauren (FFCo.)


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