Easy DIY Natural Pine Wreath

Easy DIY Natural Pine Wreath
So I don't know about you guys, but all year I've been really inspired by using natural greenery vs. artificial greenery in my decor. Not only does it save me money, but it looks SO much nicer! Natural greenery also allows me to get creative and make something new each season & honestly guys, it's so much fun! Why not utilize all the beauties Mother Nature gave us?
Before the holiday season actually arrived, I was intending on making 2 natural pine garlands for my front porch along with several wreaths. Let's be honest guys- what was I thinking?! Why do I always think I have time on my hands to do these things, because it turns out I never do.
It's been a rainy year here in PA, so it's hard to get outside to do anything. It took me awhile just to gather the pine because I was trying to wait on a sunny day to get outside. We have several large pine trees on our property so I was able to trim all of this pine right from my backyard.
Between this crate and a large bushel, all the pine I trimmed ended up sitting on my front porch for about a week until I had time to get back to it. This pine makes for a great display though! I ended up trimming some more just to keep displayed in the bushel and this crate. Was I that neighbor that picked up other neighbor's trimmings by the road? Possibly. 
I may have looked crazy picking up huge tree limbs set out for trash, but hey, they should be thankful that I took it away for them. :]
I had an old 20" plain grapevine wreath that I came across in the fall. So I thought I'd make it into a Christmas wreath this year. It turned out perfect for this project. It's like grapevine and pine were just destined to be together. I love the natural look of both of them. 
I finally had the chance of taking advantage of a warm & partly sunny day when I made this. All day I was busy trimming down all of our bushes and plants, and just cleaning up the outside of our house before the winter season. By the time I was done taking care of that and putting up the Christmas lights, it was dusk and I had just started putting together this wreath. So yeah, you could say I did this in the dark. But that's honestly why it looks the way it does. I'm waaaaay too much of a perfectionist to make something this "messy" looking on purpose. But I LOVE the look of this wreath and how it came out! I was rushed and in the dark. I just stuck the pine branches into the grapevine, finding the best spot that they would stay secure. I started in the center of the wreath placing smaller stems, and worked my way outward using wider & longer stems the further out I went.
By the time it was pitch black outside, I quit and left it for the night. I figured I'd come back to it the next day and tweak it some more- maybe add a bow? Nope. Not at all. I haven't touched it since! I saw it in daylight the next day and loved it. I love the simplicity and looseness of this wreath. It turned out to be the exact look I was going for this Christmas. The best part is that I ended up only using a fraction of the pine that I trimmed form our yard & it costed me nothing! It's seriously the prettiest wreath I think I've ever made guys, & it was so so SO easy.
I hope you all love this simple wreath just as much as I do. It would be so easy to make in several different sizes too! If you made this or something similar, please let me know in the comment section below & any thoughts! Thanks for stopping by my blog today & checking out my latest DIY. I'll be back again soon...
-LT (FFCo.)

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